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Welcome to Bee Zee Systems, home of the ultimate Digital Luach: JCalendar!

At BeeZee, we offer our own custom software: Jcalendar. If you are looking for a jewish computerized calendar or an electronic luach (also known as a digital luach), for your synagogue / shul or school, you have come to the right place!

Here are sample installations:

Our computerized luach and electronic calendar offers easy entry of Ner LaMeor, davening times, Yahrtzeit information and so much more - all on elegantly designed digital luach boards with a variety of frames. All the zmanim are automatically updated on the Shul signs. Including Sefiras HaOmer, Yaale Viyavo, Al HaNissim, Mashiv HaRuach / Morid Hageshem - everything needed in a good Jewish clock board for your shul.

Our digital Luach Boards also are great for displaying Shul Messages along with davening times and schedules. The digital luach will compliment your shul furniture as well, as we have a large selection of frames sure to match the decor of your shul.

Providing the latest technology in computerized public signage, Bee Zee Systems can help you display your most important public information in a variety of formats.

The All New J-Calendar!
A Bigger Brighter Full-Function Message Board
Check out our products:
  • J-Calendar
    Bee Zee Systems features the computerized J-Calendar -- an LCD message board automatically displaying the most important synagogue information for that day and week, always updated and current, including prayer times, special prayers to be recited, Torah readings and much more.
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  • Easy Fund Software
    How well an organization deals with its account holders' participation in a fund-raising event, in terms of obligations, dinner reservations and journal advertisements, helps determine the success of the event. Both the proper tracking of obligations, and the ability to easily access a well-organized log of account holders' requests are keys to the campaign's success.
    Click here for more info on Easy Fund!
  • Remote Sign
    Remote  Sign is  an elegant LCD public information display system.

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